Pratt Law Firm | Mission

I founded The Pratt Law Firm because I believe elite legal representation should not be reserved only for the elite. This firm is devoted to clients, and to the principle that the interests of client and lawyer should always be aligned.


Client Service Principles

Fewer Cases

This firm takes a limited number of complex and unusually challenging cases each year, and focuses all of its resources on relentlessly litigating them to achieve the client's goals.  

Client Focus 

Value to the client is measured in results, not time.  At the outset of each case, counsel and client sit down at the table and ask:  What is the client's goal?  How do we get there quickly and efficiently?  Regular communications, and accountability, mean that clients always know what is happening in their case, and why. 

Relentless Pursuit 

Our cases are marked by dogged pursuit of the witnesses and evidence needed to achieve our goals.  We are up tempo, and we do not let up.  While always professional, we expect our adversaries to be exhausted by the prospect of having to try a case against us. 

Trial not Litigation

We have found that the best way to position a case for successful resolution, including favorable settlement, is to prepare it for trial from day one. This firm does not "litigate" cases.  We are not discovery lawyers.  We prepare them for trial, and, if necessary, we try them to verdict. 

Winning with Honor

Fierce advocacy and professionalism are not enemies.  We have built a career on treating clients, colleagues, adversaries, and judges with respect and courtesy.  Over time, this has enhanced our credibility, and our reputation for excellence, and ultimately benefited our clients. 

Please take a moment to review my credentials and the testimonials of others. These testimonials are from clients, colleagues, and adversaries, and are based on their experiences in high stakes litigation. 


Bradley W. Pratt, Founder