Pratt Law Firm | Accolades

There are many good lawyers in the legal community. How do you identify an attorney with the right combination of integrity, expertise, and drive for your serious and complex lawsuit? 

“Bradley is an elite lawyer. He is in a class of his own and is one of the most accomplished lawyers that I know. He is a true gentleman and is well-liked and well-respected by both sides.”
- Managing Partner at another law firm
“An attorney that exemplifies the utmost knowledge and skill in his area. More impressive is his professionalism at all times. Mr. Pratt deserves recognition among his peers for always displaying the character of a gentleman yet zealous advocacy for his clients.”
Principal at another law firm
“I’ve known Bradley personally for 20 years. He is one of the smartest, most persuasive, and charismatic lawyers I know and I would entrust him with any case – plaintiff or defense.”
- General Counsel of a client
“Bradley is a skilled advocate who consistently demonstrates the judgment, work ethic, strategic thinking and professionalism that his peers admire, his adversaries respect, and his clients cherish.”
- Assistant General Counsel of a client
“Bradley is an excellent attorney who is capable of handling ‘bet the company’ litigation.”
- Partner at another law firm
“Mr. Pratt is a top-notch advocate who always conducts himself with professionalism and high ethical standards.”
- Partner at another law firm
“Bradley is an excellent lawyer. He has guided us through tough issues of litigation. He always provides very wise counsel on every issue I bring to him.”
- General Counsel of a client
“Bradley is a highly-skilled attorney with a unique ability to relate to people – this is what makes him effective with witnesses and in front of a jury. He also maintains a significant pro bono practice, which contributes to his stature as an important figure in Atlanta’s legal community.”
- Senior Associate at another law firm
“I have been involved in many litigated cases with Mr. Pratt, and he has always displayed nothing but professionalism and a high level of legal ability and acumen.”
- Partner at another law firm